About us

We are a group of scholars who endeavor to promote the image of Islam worldwide. We are especially interested in showing and explaining the Perfect Names of God in different languages, not only to Muslims but also to all peoples from different religions. We believe that the real purpose of Islam as a true religion of God -Almighty- is to invite people to worship God , alone. We are very aware that worshipping God is a voluntary choice that the person can make for him/herself, without any form of force or insistence. We, therefore, would like to show how Islam is for moderation. The message of all prophets: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Solaiman, Jesus, Mohammad….etc., was the same : to worship our God, alone. Our Glorious God has many Perfect Names, and knowing these Names will better enable us to know Him and then worship Him. We encourage all peoples from different religions, different colors, different races, and different countries to read and know these Perfect Names. Ultimate spirituality comes after knowing the UltimateGod .

Note: We want to invite qualified translators from all languages, to translate the Perfect Names of God, from Arabic or English. Qualified translators will be paid for their services.

We have a dream: If all people unite around the Perfect Names of God , we may have a better world that is more in harmony and more in peace. May God - Almighty- descend His blessings on us and cover us with His protection and love.

18 April 2013